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Plan Categories

  • STD Health Checks

    Testing for STDs may be advised for all sexually active adults, particularly as a number of STDs have few or no symptoms.

  • Annual Health Checks

    There are different benchmarks or guidelines on when to undergo preventative illness health checks and what type of screenings to consider.

  • Employment Health Checks

    Number of cancer-focused screening items including cancer markers, advanced genetics testing and medical imaging for cancer.

Other Screening

Cancer Screening

Zanolife offers cancer screening with our medical health check and lab partners. This includes health checks comprising a number of cancer-focused screening items including cancer markers and medical imaging as well as some advanced genetic testing for cancer at the cutting edge of medical screening.


Zanolife works with genetics partners and labs to bring advanced genetic screening to our clients. This includes wellbeing-related genetic testing to help individuals identify the behavioural and dietary elements that are best for them in addition to cancer genetic testing and screening.

Mental Health

In association with our mental health partner; Mental Health America (MHA) – Zanolife offers a series of online mental health questionnaires to help individuals understand if they may be experiencing early signs of mental health difficulties including depression, anxiety and addiction.