About Zanolife

About us

We provides illness prevention and health promotion services to individuals and corporates in Hong Kong.

We offer health checks at our partner medical centres and also onsite at your office or place of work. Our focus is on health education, illness prevention and early diagnosis. At Zanolife we are centred on wellness.

Zanolife Limited

Zanolife offers a full range of wellness-related services, from health education and healthy activiy provision all the way to facilitating actual physical health screeningm comprising detailed laboratory analysis and medical imaging for health screening in addition to onsite health checks at your place to work.

What we do for Individuals:

We at Zanolife provide and facilitate a variety of services revolving around indivdual's health & wellbeing including:

  • Health Screening Sevices
  • Specialised Coronary / Cancer Screening
  • Medical Imaging & Laboratory Testing
  • Advanced Genetic Testing for Cancer & Wellness
  • Medical & Wellness-Related Concierge
What we do for Corporates:

We at Zanolife provide and facilitate a variety of services revolving around Corporates's health & wellbeing including:

  • Corporate Onsite Health Check Services
  • Employee Health Screening Programs
  • Specialised Coronary / Cancer Screening
  • Medical Imaging & Laboratory Testing
  • Advanced Genetic Testing for Cancer & Wellness
  • Stress Management & Coaching
  • Health Education Services
  • Corporate Wellness Events
  • Medical & Wellness-Related Concierge
Health Screening Service

Our day jobs can be highly stressful. In fact, we can experience stress via any number of avenues and sources. Sometimes we may not even know that our health is deteriorating day-by-day as so many illnesses and conditions are asymptomatic, until it is often sadly too late.

At Zanolife we work with the best in the business to provide you full optionality in your own & your employees' health screening. From the location; to the comprehensiveness of the health check; to health checks with special focus areas – stress, hypertension, coronary, cancer-related etc. We work with our medical partners to offer both standard and niche testing where required.

Onsite health monitoring at Company offices

Bring healthcare to your most valuable assets – your people. Basic onsite health checks can help raise health awareness. We visit your office or place of work and provide onsite health checks and basic medical services.

Our onsite health checks – utilizing non-invasive measurements and often just a finger prick blood sample - provide enough key indicators to offer your staff a valuable insight into their current health status.

Health education

On the education side we work with professionals across a broad spectrum of health and wellbeing specialities. You name it, we likely do it. That includes educators, practitioners and facilitators and everything in between.

Mental wellbeing

We also put a big focus on mental wellbeing and stress management and work with mindfulness and stress resilience coaches to give employees the tools they need to fight stress in their work and personal lives. We also help provide people with access to stress reducing practices like Qigong and Tai Chi.

Genetics - the new frontier of personal medicine

Until recently genetic testing has not been available to the public, being under the sole purview of the medical sector. We work with experts in the fields of medicine and genetics to give people the ability to check on key physical health indicators as offered by the latest developments in consumer genetics and healthcare.

When we began

Zanolife was formally established in 2017, but its origins go back to 2014 when Zanolife Founder Jarl Borthwick joined a medical imaging and diagnostic centre, with an affiliated laboratory, offering health checks to corporates and individuals across Hong Kong.

Operating within this health check center led Jarl to come face-to-face with the wider physical and mental wellbeing challenges facing individuals and corporates in Hong Kong. He saw the need for a more comprehensive A-Z health and wellness offering, comprising basic to comprehensive health screening as well as wellbeing education and associated coaching. As a result, Jarl decided to take the step to establish a platform to bring the best of health & wellness education and services to corporates and individuals alike in Hong Kong.

Where do we operate

Zanolife's corporate HQ is situated in Central, Hong Kong, however, our partners are spread all over the city. At present we have a number of health screening and other wellness partners with a total physical presence of approximately 30 clinics and centres spread across the territory. Our main goal is to offer a comprehensive wellbeing service with a widespread geographical coverage.

Centred on Wellness

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