How to use Belun® Ring

People suffering from sleep apnea will stop breathing during sleep.
It may occur hundreds of times every night, each time lasting from 10 seconds to several minutes.

Shed light on your sleep
Measure Finger for Belun Ring?
  • You should measure & wear the ring on the index finger of your weaker hand (if right-handed, wear on left hand index finger)
  • Use the Belun tape to measure for your Ring size
  • Get a friend to help you measure accurately
  • Pull the tape tight, but not so tight as to cause discomfort to the finger
  • Make a note of your Belun Ring size
  • Place order using correct Ring size

#Gear up

Check Battery
  • Before using the Ring make sure you check the Ring (R) and cradle (C) battery
  • Press the button on the screen once to activate the display
  • The Ring should be on 4 bars before use
  • If it is not fully charged, replace Ring to cradle
  • If Cradle is low on charge, use the wire provided to recharge the device


How to Wear the Belun Ring
  • Once you have correctly measured for your Ring size, secure the correct Ring size
  • Place Belun Ring on your index finger, as shown in the video – remember to wear on same finger & hand that you originally measured
  • Ring should be tight enough to feel secure, but not so tight as to cause discomfort
  • If for any reason Ring causes discomfort, discontinue use immediately and contact your supplier
  • Wear the Ring during sleep to record sleep data – Ring starts recording automatically when you put it on

#Cradle Battery #Ring Battery

Placing Ring Correctly Back to Cradle
  • Make sure you always correctly place Ring back to Cradle after removal
  • Screen will show both Ring & Cradle on display when Ring correctly placed on Cradle
  • If Ring does not show on screen, take Ring and replace Ring until feel a “click” from magnetic connection
  • The Ring is now placed correctly on Cradle
  • The Ring can now exchange data with Cradle and Cradle can charge Ring when not in use

#Join the device

Use of Ring During Night
  • The Ring requires a minimum of 240 mins actual sleep data to generate accurate result
  • We therefore advise individuals to sleep for a min of appx 6 hours
  • With a lack of actual sleep, there is a risk of no result
  • Sleep data need not be continuous; accumulated data from entire night is analysed
  • Therefore - you may take the ring off during the course of evening to attend toilet or take water if you wish
  • Once completed reading in morning replace ring on Cradle

#Data upload

Upload Data After Night's Use
  • In the morning, place the Ring on the Cradle
  • If correctly placed, the download symbol (see video) will indicate download of data from Ring to Cradle
  • This may take a few minutes for a full night's sleep
  • If download symbol does not appear, check if Ring correctly placed on Cradle
  • Leave Ring to recharge on Cradle during the day and repeat use of Ring following night
  • After use for a few nights, return Ring & Cradle to provider – they will generate reports by downloading data from Cradle

#Data upload

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