Obesity should be classed as a 'disease' doctors say

The Telegraph &... January 07, 2019

The Telegraph newspaper reports leading doctors in the United Kingdom as saying that obesity should be recognised as a "disease" rather than a lifestyle choice

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) said action to tackle excess weight was more likely to be successful if the problem was treated as one caused by environmental and social factors, rather than by individual greed.

One in four adults in the UK are classed as obese, along with one in five children leaving primary school.

Prof Andrew Goddard, RCP president, said: "It is important to the health of the nation that we remove the stigma associated with obesity.

"It is not a lifestyle choice caused by individual greed, but a disease caused by health inequalities, genetic influences and social factors.

"It is governments, not individuals, which can have an impact on the food environment through regulation and taxation, and by controlling availability and affordability.

"Governments can also promote physical activity by ensuring that facilities are available to local communities, and through legislation and public health initiatives."

The American Medical Association has previously declared obesity as a disease.

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