Alert on Further Increase in Seasonal Influenza Activity in Hong Kong

Hong Kong CHP, ... January 14, 2019

The Hong Kong Education Bureau (EDB) has notified parents of a further increase in seasonal influenza activity in Hong Kong as the Centre for Health Protection has notified the community of an observed increase in flu activity

The EDB said “According to the Centre for Health Protection (CHP), the local seasonal influenza activity has continued to increase in the past week and young children aged below six years were particularly affected in this season.”

The EDB said they would urge schools to put in place CHP's advice and reinforce preventive measures including the additional measure on temperature monitoring, receiving seasonal influenza vaccination as early as possible, proper hand hygiene and proper use of mask, etc., so as to mitigate the impact of seasonal influenza.

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Zanolife says:
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The above is a summary of a press release on the HK Education Bureau's ( website on 11 January 2019

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