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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Zanolife?
    Zanolife is a health and wellbeing platform, offering individuals the ability to Search, Compare and Select health screenings online; including annual health checks, cardiac screenings, cancer health checks as well as genetic testing and other testing including sleep quality analysis and food sensitivity analysis.
  • Do I also see Mental Health questionnaires on your site?
    Yes – at Zanolife we aim to provide for the full circle of wellness – comprising both physical and mental wellbeing. We currently have some online questionnaire partners. We offer their mental health questionnaires via our site as a free service to our users.
  • What does “Zanolife” mean?
    Zanolife is a hybrid name. It is made of two parts: “zano” and “life”. “Zano” comes from the Spanish word “sano” for healthy, while “life” is from the English for how we choose to live our life.

    Therefore, Zanolife translates as “healthy life”. Our name reflects our core values of healthy living, wellbeing promotion, illness prevention and early diagnosis.At Zanolife we are centred on wellness.
  • Where does Zanolife operate?
    Zanolife is a Hong Kong company with its operations in Hong Kong.
  • Where is Zanolife’s office?
    Zanolife’s strength is in our multitude of partnerships with leading screening centres and medical partners. Their offices, centres and locations are all over town. Meanwhile, Zanolife’s Hong Kong Corporate HQ is located at 20/F, CMA Building, 64 Connaught Road Central, Central, Hong Kong. We can also be reached by mail at Zanolife Limited, GPO Box 8932, Hong Kong. Or by email at [email protected]; by our general line: +852 2152 2097, by whatsapp at +852 9293 0793 or by fax at +852 2156 1277. Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions you may have.
  • Why choose Zanolife?
    At Zanolife we bring you health and screening options provided by trusted medical and screening providers in the location where you live / work.
  • Do I pay more by choosing Zanolife?
    No. At Zanolife we work hard to bring our customers competitive pricing at great rates. This means that you should never pay more by using Zanolife compared with going direct. Indeed, Zanolife members receive discounts and special offers on health check and other services offered on our platform, meaning that you pay less via Zanolife and furthermore can win by receiving air miles, special gifts, further discounts and other great wellness offers in association with our wellness partners around town.
  • How do I make an appointment using
    Once you have found the health check or screening service that you wish to select, you can go through the online purchase process. You will need to confirm the location and date and time preference for your appointment. We simply ask you to confirm your date preference including Morning (AM) or Afternoon (PM). Once you have told us your preference, we work with you and the Centre to secure you the appointment that suits you best.
  • What appointment time & day should I choose?
    Some health checks require preparation including 8-12 hours of fasting, or changes to your dietary routine, prior to providing samples for analysis. Or for females, you may need to attend examinations up to 10 days after the last day on menstruation. To understand some of the guidelines for preparation or what factors to consider scheduling an appointment, you can view the Preparation Guidelines on the health check page when you are studying your plan. The Centre will also likely confirm these details directly prior to your appointment.
  • How do I pay?
    Zanolife is an online health and wellbeing service, offering Search, Compare online. Payment is made on our website. We currently accept the following: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, UnionPay, PayPal.
  • What if I can`t see the test I want?
    We are able to cater to individual requests on a tailor-made basis. We work closely with our partners and will work hard to find the right test for you.
  • Does Zanolife do group health check cases or offer group health check quotes?
    Yes. Drop us a line and we would be happy to offer you a health screening quote based on your needs.
  • How big does my group need to be to get a group quote?
    In many cases just over 1! We have offered tailor made quotations for families relocating to countries overseas who have required confirmation of good health. We also offer health check services to companies with hundreds of employees. Whatever the size of your organisation or family or group; we are happy to quote based on your requirements be they price, location, service, speedy turnaround etc…
  • Does Zanolife offer pre-employment health checks?
    Yes. We work with our partners to offer pre-employment health checks to companies that require their staff to undergo such a procedure due to their work nature.
  • Does Zanolife offer onsite health checks?
    Yes. We work with medical providers who offer onsite health checks at your place of work. We have carried out onsite health checks for companies with just a handful of employees all the way up to highly coordinated onsite health checks for companies with many hundreds of employees over multiple days.
  • Does Zanolife work with insurance companies?
    Yes. We work with insurance companies and agents offering pre-insurance health checks and other wellbeing services for their clients. We recognise that health screening is not insurers core competence or focus – let us at Zanolife help you with that so you can focus on your day-to-day business.