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Screening Guide

We offer health checks at our partner medical centres and also onsite at your office or place of work. Our focus is on health education, illness prevention and early diagnosis. At Zanolife we are centred on wellness.
When should I get a health check?

Does hypertension, diabetes or a certain type of cancer run in your family; maybe you work long hours or in an unhealthy environment; or are there other aspects of your lifestyle which are unhealthy. These are all things to think about when you consider taking a health check.

There are different benchmarks or guidelines on when to undergo preventative illness health checks and what type of specific screenings to consider. These factors include your age, lifestyle, weight, family or personal medical history and / or your working or living environment.

General screening guidelines can help provide broad advice on when an individual may consider getting a health screening. This can be impacted by your lifestyle, surroundings, family history and general wellbeing. Different recommendations about check-up frequency apply to individuals who take medication and have chronic disease risk factors.

Being overweight also influences how often you get a physical because it increases one’s risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. In many cases, for such individuals, getting an annual health check is an opportunity to reinforce positive lifestyle choices.

Reference: Duke Health Blog, Oct 2013

If you are in general good health, are not overweight, don’t smoke, drink in moderation (or not at all) and don’t take any prescription medication, you may consider getting a health check every two to 3 years.

For those between the ages of 30 and 49: it is advised that healthy individuals should normally get a health check once every 2 years.

Annual health checks normally begin from the age of 50. As one ages the number of health screenings that become relevant due to one’s age increases.

What are some important screenings & when should I consider getting them?
Blood Pressure
Fasting Blood Glucose
What are some important screenings & when should I consider getting them?
Family History
Previous fracture
Menopause or hysterectomy