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Ultrasound also referred to as diagnostic ultrasound / sonography / diagnostic medical sonography. Ultrasound is a medical imaging method, utilised for diagnostic purposes, which uses high-frequency sound waves to produce live images of organs and structures within the body. An ultrasound offers high-resolution images of your organs which can enable your health check to provide you with a better understanding of your general health. These images enable potential diagnosis and treatment of a variety of diseases and conditions. Ultrasound imaging may be used as part of health screening for evaluation of the kidneys, liver, gallbladder, spleen, blood vessels, abdominal aorta, urinary bladder, prostate, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, breasts and other organs depending on the type of screening requested based on one’s personal health concerns and, or history of family illness. Unlike x-ray, ultrasound does not expose one to radiation. Ultrasound imaging enables a more detailed health screening service allowing for a more extensive health check.

Ultrasound - Breast

Ultrasound screening of the breasts, often conducted in conjunction with a mammogram screening (for breast cancer). Conducting breast ultrasound in addition to mammogram offers a more comprehensive screening of the breasts. Ultrasound imaging of the breasts enables detection of fibroadenosis (fibrocystic breast disease), a common non-cancerous breast disease, as well as cysts in the breasts. Breast ultrasound can be used to distinguish between a solid mass and a fluid-filled cyst and together with a mammogram offers a more comprehensive form of breast screening for women over 40 and a safe form of screening for women under this age. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women. According to the Hong Kong Cancer Registry of the (Hong Kong) Hospital Authority, breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer among females in Hong Kong with 25% of women diagnosed with cancer being diagnosed with this form of the diesease.