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  • Extensive Blood Analysis

* For CedarTree Ultrasound and Mammogram only available on Monday and Wednesday

Following the online purchase of any Zanolife screening or product with value in excess of HK$ 500, the purchaser will receive one 30 ml IVL Hand Sanitizer (worth HK$ 56) - sent by mail. Offer valid while stocks last.

Extensive Blood Analysis
  • Please fast for at least 8 hours before the scheduled appointment. (Moderate amount of drinking water is allowed.).

  • It is recommended no red meats (e.g. Beef) 3 days prior to the stool sample is taken.Sample should be collected in the container provided by the laboratory.If it is taken from the night before, please ensure the bottle is tightly capped and refrigerated at 4℃. The sample must not be contaminated with urine.

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