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Cedar Tree Healthcare & Medical Advisors
CM4 Male Cancer Screening Pack
[G06 Cancer Markers Screening 1]
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Cedar Tree Healthcare & Medical Advisors (Cedar Tree Healthcare) is a medical imaging, testing & health check centre committed to the highest quality of health screening and reporting. Based in the heart of core Tsim Sha Tsui, Cedar Tree provides health check services in their own dedicated health check and imaging centre, as well as onsite for corporate and group clients. The Cedar Tree team offers medical imaging and diagnostic services, with specialisation in medical imaging and testing including ultrasound, x-ray, mammograms, ECG, blood testing plus other health check and testing types. Cedar Tree’s team leaders - senior medical and scientific professionals with in excess of five decades in healthcare - are supported by a team of highly-qualified and experienced radiologists, radiographers, medical technologists and other health and wellbeing experts.

HKD 1160 HKD 1508

HKD 1160

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Extensive Cancer Markers
Extensive Cancer Markers

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Cedar Tree Healthcare & Medical Advisors

Unit 905B, 9/F, 26 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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Hong Kong